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I’ve been sick with a cold for the last week (my typical sore throat -> stuffy head -> cough) but it’s not terrible and I’m on the mend.

The Remodulin SQ is going well. I’m up to 0.012 mL/hour (goal is 0.03mL/hour). I’m still not sure I notice much difference in my shortness of breath (SOB) but my mental stamina is much greater than even a month ago. I did a few small sewing projects, and I’ve been reading again! (This might be because I’m not on Uptravi anymore, but either way it’s good.)

I feel like I haven’t talked about anything but Remodulin here for a long time. Sorry about that. It’s just a HUGE thing for me. I’m pleased that I got accustomed to the pump very quickly. It doesn’t bother me at all. I sewed a few different carrying systems for it and finally made one that works well — a purple flannel pocket on a not-too-tight elastic band that I can wear slung kinda low around my hips.

I’ve been reading Agatha Christie on my kindle every night for bedtime, plus I went to the library last week and got three great books which I read in quick succession:

My Not So Perfect Life by Sophie Kinsella (it’s always so much fun to read a new one of her novels!)
Edgar and Lucy by Victor Lodato (amazing)
Between Them by Richard Ford (a lovely memoir)

Then I returned them on Saturday (even though I was sick) and got a new stack! Right now I’m reading American Eclipse by David Baron, which is about the solar eclipse of 1878.

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  1. Marian

    I just wanted to tell you I’m sorry you have health challenges, and I hope your new medication really, really helps you – I came on here just curious about your site, because you are my favorite reader on Libravox.
    I mean my serious favorite; like when there’s a book I don’t even really want to read that much, (but I need it for the ever present quest – the 1001 books list) – when I see you’re reading it, I get kind of happy to go ahead and get it checked off! You seriously have the best reading voice !!
    I am a voracious reader, but having someone read to me is the best – so reminiscent of excellent childhood memories !!
    I am about to wrap up Dracula, and I think A Room with a View will be next. Am hoping you’ll tackle something I’m seriously intimidated by – or several – like Anna Karenina, or Ulysses or Gullivers travels or God knows what else – LOL – so I will get the nerve up, and jump right in !
    Kidding about that last part – well, kind of, but not really.
    Certainly wish you the best going forward !!
    And happy reading !

  2. kara

    Hi Marian,

    You’re so kind! I’m delighted that you enjoy my recordings. You’re in for a treat in “A Room With A View”. One of my all-time favorite novels. My goodness. I wish I could listen to it with you. When you’re finished with that, I recommend Diana’s recording of “The Enchanted April”
    I love it so much. I’ve listened many many MANY times. It’s a wonderful story and I think Diana has a reading style that’s similar to mine. Very warm and pleasant.

    You might have noticed that I stick mostly to children’s literature, but I love getting suggestions and I’d like to record another adult book (that sounds wrong) when I’m feeling better, so I’ll have a look at Anna Karenina and Gulliver!

  3. Marian

    Hee hee, I knew exactly what you meant, and I did get a chuckle out of it re: ‘another adult book’!
    What a thrill to get a response from you – thank you !
    I think when I was looking around (either on your website or the list of everything you read on Libravox, I did see Ulysses listed somewhere, so that’s exciting! (for whatever reason, I think that’s the book but most intimidates me to read – I am a strong reader so I’m not sure I even understand it myself other than people talk about it being so difficult and odd and I’ve not ever really heard anyone say they liked it !)
    Thanks for your other suggestion about “An Enchanted April”; I will be sure to check it out ; Great to know about another enjoyable reader !!
    Hope you feel better and better ! <3

  4. Mike Wilson

    ALL RIGHT!!!!!!! ;)

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