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I’ve been on a huge (mostly foreign) crime drama kick. Some of my favorite series have been:

River (UK)
The Assassination of Gianni Versace (USA)
The Bridge (original Swedish version)
Trapped (Icelandic)
Below the Surface (Danish)
Unforgotten (UK)

And that’s only off the top of my head. I’ve watched lots that are more forgettable, and started a few that were unwatchable. But there are always more. I discovered most of them via the most amazing blog:

I’m on their mailing list, so every day I get several notifications of new blog posts. I love it that they let me know about upcoming series and start dates and other news. It’s a real treasure trove. And their reviews also give me an idea of which series I should probably skip, hahah. If you’re a crime/mystery/suspense fan, go and poke around on that blog!

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  1. Nan

    Ooohh — CARDINAL, and SHETLAND. I’ve watched at least twenty, mostly British and Australian, this past year. DR. BLAKE was pretty good, and not as edgy as CARDINAL.

  2. kara

    Ooo thanks! I have been enjoying Shetland but hadn’t heard of Cardinal or Dr. Blake!

  3. Mike Wilson

    Thanks!!! I’ll try it!

  4. Mike Wilson

    OH… And if you haven’t watched it, try Brokenwood. It’s on iTunes… not sure where else.

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