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Happy New Year!

Hi everyone — Happy New Year! It’s 2020 (first time I’ve written it) and we live in the future.

I’ve been fairly exhausted since Christmas and not up to much. Lots of lying in bed, watching foreign murder shows, listening to audiobooks, and playing Breath of the Wild. Came down with a little cold last night but I don’t think it will be a bad one — no sore throat (yet, cross your fingers), just a bit of a drippy nose and cough. So today will be another extremely lazy day.

Breath of the Wild is an AMAZING game. It took me a while to get the fact that it’s non-linear, and that I can play in any way I want. I’m too much of a weakling to do much fighting but I have hours and HOURS of fun running around the world looking for seeds, shrines, and towers. The open world is astonishingly varied and beautiful. I’m in a sort of jungle terrain now, in the south part of the map. There are banana trees, and it just pours rain most of the time — the rain seems wetter than the rain in the northern zones, and I find myself looking for shelter so I can dry off for a while. Ha!

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  1. Sindhu

    Hello! I just wanted to tell you that my daughters (ages 8 and 6) absolutely loved listening to “Betsy and Tacy Go Over the Hill.” We only recently discovered your “podcast,” which we came across on our Tesla. My kids and I look forward to listening to more of your wonderful readings. Thank you.

  2. kara

    Hi Sindhu! Please say “hi” to your daughters for me! They will certainly enjoy all the other Betsy-Tacy books. My recordings of the first four are here, under the author’s name:

  3. Steve

    We are always in the future. (Unless we’re all time traveling bounty hunters). And yes, Breath of the Wild is an AMAZING game! Good luck saving the Princess!

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