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I’m still sick but on the mend. I think maybe I don’t have a headache right now, for the first time in days. It’s just the stupid cough that lingers and lingers and lingers. My lungs are so messed up that with every coughing fit I feel like I might pass out. Ah well. I never had a sore throat with this one so it’s all good.

My reading-tracker app (iReadItNowHD) broke in iOS 13 and I’m tired of waiting for the guy to fix it, so over the last few days, when not napping or coughing, I’ve been manually entering alllllllll my reading data into I do not like goodreads — I’ve been avoiding it for years. So many ads; ugly, cluttered, clunky interface. ALL I WANT in a reading tracker is to be able to keep track of what I read and when I read it, a wishlist, and the ability to bookmark my current book in either page numbers or a percentage. But one small independent iPhone app after another keeps going belly-up (first Readmore, then iReadItNowHD) so I guess I’ll just switch over to goodreads and be done with it.

If you want to find me there and be all social that’s cool. I’m Kara Shallenberg:

Not sure why goodreads has decided that I’m an author. Someone must have put me in as a librivox narrator and it got confused? Anyway if you scroll down past the books I didn’t write (dracula, etc.) you’ll get to my actual data, like what I’m currently reading. Two of them (Standard Deviation and Because Internet) are instant re-reads because I loved them so much the first time!

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  1. Stan

    Just finished your “Dracula”

    I’ll be looking for more of your LibriVox.

    I enjoyed “Because Internet”. Some stuff I knew. Bunch of stuff I didn’t.

    Spoiler alert…
    She never addresses the “Because (noun)” meme.

  2. kara

    Glad you enjoyed Dracula! If you hit the “My Librivox Recordings” link at the top of this page, you’ll find all my solo recordings.

    Yeah this was my second time reading Because Internet! First on kindle, and then the wonderful audiobook narrated by the author herself!

  3. Christi Keable

    Hi Kara! Just want to tell you thank you for your books! I read or you read LOL Heidi to my five children and we thoroughly enjoyed it. We just saw that you are the reader for our island story we are excited to have you read us another book. Hope you are well and we appreciate you!

  4. Amy

    I just peeked quickly at your Goodreads and saw “Long Gone” by Alafair Burke. I’m listening to audiobooks these days as eye trouble makes reading hard, and I really enjoyed the one that’s on Hoopla (free through public libraries). They have at least one if not two other books she’s written – same narrator as I recall. Happy New Year. I hope you’re feeling even better.

  5. Steve

    Kayray, are you okay? We haven’t heard anything for two weeks!

  6. Alexis

    Hello dear Kara! My kids (and I!) are addicted to your lovely voice storytelling—I was looking on iTunes for The Saturdays and The Talking Parcel and i cant find them…can you help? I hope you are doing well. Xoxo

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