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Super sleepy, can’t stop yawning. Made soup, ate soup. Cozy Grove was released for Nintendo Switch last night! I had pre-ordered because I’ve had so much fun playing on my phone. I SUPER recommend Cozy Grove. It’s calm and sweet, with a focus on, you guessed it, being helpful. The game is doled out in small doses, and is meant to be played for maybe half-an-hour to an hour per day. Can’t say enough good things about it, seriously. Beautiful artwork, lovely storyline.

When I was in the hospital just before Christmas (another terrifying bout of atrial fibrillation) my mom got on FaceTime so she could play Christmas carols on the piano for me. Next day, when I was home, we FaceTimed again but switched to Bach (ahhhhhh Bach). Ever since then, we Facetime for about an hour almost every afternoon and she practices Bach and I listen while I read or play on my Switch or just rest. So nice to be able to spend time together sharing music that way, and I don’t need to do conversation.

It’s almost Bach o’clock!

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  1. Tommy

    So lovely to hear from you again!

  2. Brittany

    That sounds lovely and thanks for the recommendation about cozy grove! I have a switch and am looking for more games to play. I am a huge fan of your audiobooks as well.they have been helping me fall asleep every night for the past several months. Thank you!

  3. kara

    Brittany I also recommend Littlewood for Switch! It’s a bit like Stardew Valley and a bit like Animal Crossing, but not a copy of either. It’s peaceful and sweet and calm. Heavy emphasis on friendship and helpfulness. I love it!

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