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Still alive

Having a hard time. Still alive.

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  1. Beth

    Hi Kara, So sorry you’re feeling bad, and glad that you’re still alive. Just wanted you to know that I’m thinking of you and wishing you well.

  2. kara

    Thanks, Beth. That means a lot to me :)

  3. Karen

    Hello! I’m so glad I found this site? A few years ago I started listening to the free audio books recorded by readers in Librevox. I remember the very first one was Five Children and It. Since then, I have listened to many of your recordings. You have a wonderful way with words! Thank you so much for your efforts and time spent in making the world a better place for others to enjoy.
    I’m very sorry you have health challenges. I hope you can find relief, comfort and peace.
    I will soon retire after teaching children for 29 years. Children’s literature is one of my favorite things. I hope I can figure out how to join Librevox and help record more books for people to enjoy.
    Thanks again and I hope for the best for you.

  4. kara

    Thank you, Karen :) I encourage you to become a librivox volunteer!! There’s a learning curve so stick with it and ask on the forum when you need help. It’s so much fun, and so rewarding!!

  5. Steve Kilgore

    Hello Kara,
    Not sure if this email will cross the void to you, but I want to say thank you. I have been listening to your enchanting voice for over a week as I have labored through yet another self-imposed project in my backyard. I’ve been enjoying your reading of Swiss Family Robinson as I strip and refinishing concrete. I imagine that reading for LibriVox is like casting a bottle message into the surf, never knowing where it will drift. I sip a beer in my Las Vegas backyard while drawing on a pipe of good cavendish, wanting you to know that your reading efforts from 2009 are appreciated. The time and attention that you invested into this work have been greatly appreciated by me, and, I’m certain, by many others. Thank you.

    It’s a little breezy today and my concrete sealers are drying quickly, but I didn’t want to let this moment escape without letting you know that you have been heard and appreciated.

    Thank you my dear for making the world a wee bit brighter. I hope that you and your family are prospering like our beloved Swiss family. You have my respect.

  6. kara

    Steve — how kind of you to write! Isn’t it amazing that I was able to travel through time and space so I could keep you company while you work? The Swiss Family are precious to me. It was one of my dad’s favorite books and I still have his fragile old hardback. It’s a different translation to any of the more modern versions I’ve read, and of course it feels “right” to me. It’s out of copyright, so I actually scanned every single page and sent them to Project Gutenberg so this edition would be available to all. Of course that is the version I read to you!!

    Enjoy Father “skinning a kangaroo with a squirt” :D

  7. Diane

    Well, now…I do not think I have been here before for some reason. I am here now, especially with the title..Still Alive!!!!
    I feel that way too. LIfe has tremendous challenges. Time goes by and the sun comes out again… Age is so upon me. Trying to choose some bright spots…I too, am still alive and I am glad you are too. xo

  8. kara

    Let’s stay alive, Diane :)

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