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i keep bursting into tears for no reason. everything is impossibly difficult. therapy appointment with lovely suzanne on friday, just need to hang on till then, just two more nights WHY AM I LIKE THIS

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  1. Caroline Beckenhaupt

    Dearest Kara, I am sorry you are going through troubles. Just wanted you to know how much I, a stranger really, admire you. Through my younger (ha!) years of homeschooling, my kids and I enjoyed your wonderful readings on Librivox. I’ve read your blog over the years and have always felt that when I grow up I wanna be like you.

    So, no, I don’t know “why you are like this?” but please, carry on soldier!

    I wish you well.


    Your fan. <3

  2. kara

    Thank you, Caroline. I will carry on! <3

  3. Diane

    That is an awful way to feel. The struggle seems endless. Besides depression, this Covid thing has left us all…spaced out, unanchored and some of us in tears, We walk with you xoxoxo

  4. Catharine Eastman


    My dad suffered from depression. I’m not 100% convinced that he was ever self-aware enough during his bouts to realize that (1) depression LIES LIKE A LYING LIAR WHO LIES and (2) it would come to an end eventually.

    Giving you another instance of it to read in the hope that it helps:
    You are cared for. You are worthwhile. You are a wonderful, caring, loving person. And I’m another person who cares about you!

    I’m glad you have a therapist. Thank you for doing that for yourself.


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