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tired again

Didn’t sleep very well so I’m extra-tired today. I need to sleep propped up on Pillow Mountain or I don’t breathe very well, and last night I rolled off and had “I can’t breathe” dreams. Henry suggested that tonight we build walls on either side of my sleeping mat so that I can’t roll off. Smart boy.

This morning they went to the store for groceries and I stayed home and played a lot more Littlewood and enjoyed the quiet. When they got home we tried to watch some more Taskmaster but Lulu became too squirrelly so now she and Henry are playing with her wooden trains — the very same wooden Brio trains that belonged to Henry when he was her age, and which we lent to Em when she was small. Buy high-quality imagination-friendly toys, people, not plastic battery-operated junk!

I discovered a new favorite author. I enjoy the genre of “Women’s Contemporary Fiction” (aka “chick lit”, yuck) and up till now I’ve never found any authors who come close to the storytelling skill of Marian Keyes. I follow her on twitter (she’s a delight!) and she’s always recommending books that she loves. I tried one she suggested by Mhairi (Irish name, pronounced Vah-ree) McFarlane and wow! It was excellent! It went where I wasn’t expecting it to go in a very satisfying way, great characters, beautiful writing. Mhairi has written quite a few novels so I’ve been listening to them one after another on the library’s Libby app.

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  1. Gillian

    Hi Kara. I don’t know if it would be helpful for you, but when Chris was ill and needed to sleep propped up on pillows, we used this method:
    My gran was taught it as a nurse during WWII. The diagonal pillows help stop you from rolling off.

  2. kara

    Whoa! That is a very clever technique. So helpful! Thank you so much! <3

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