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Much better

Woke up better today. Thank goodness. Finished sewing a sleep sack for the little one — due in four weeks but almost certain to arrive a bit early like her big sister. Exciting!

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My first go at an improvised henley placket following this tutorial: I should have offset the slit so the snaps would be centered but oh well, next time :D

Dave came over to take me to lunch and hang out for a few hours. Gosh he’s great! I’m so lucky! He’s calm, warm, loving, open, honest, kind, understanding, generous, gentle, witty, intelligent, curious, creative, snuggly, fun! *heart eyes*

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  1. Parker Tripp

    You’ll probably never see this comment and that’s ok but I just wanted to tell you that I am one of your biggest fans I listen to your story’s every night since i was around 3, basically what saying is you’ve made me into the kid I am today. Thanks

    Sincerely Parker Tripp 10 years old

    Ps can you read a 1000 leagues under the sea I love that book

  2. kara

    Hi Parker! I’m so happy you left me a comment! I’ll put 20,000 Leagues on my list for sure — thanks for the suggestion. Love!

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