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Depressed today for no reason (other than, you know, being terminally ill and feeling physically awful all the time. But nothing NEW). Stupid broken brain. going to bed early because i feel too uncomfortable to sit in the livingroom. Gonna lie here and watch Taskmaster reruns until Dave is ready for bed and then I hope to watch our British cop show together.

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  1. jen

    i hope you feel more upbeat soon xoxo excited to see you mention taskmaster! taskmaster is the best. what season are you on and are you following the podcast as well? what about the nz, norway, sweden, or finland versions? can we be taskmaster bestfriends? ha i can talk taskmaster allllll day :) me: rewatching with the podcast taskmaster uk and on series 5 of Bast i Test, sweden :)

  2. kara

    Jen! We can totally be Taskmaster Besties! I’ve watched all the UK seasons multiple times but never tried the podcast, so I’ll look into that today. I could only find about half of the first season NZ online but it was great. Where are you finding the other international versions? Feel free to email me!
    Yesterday I watched the episode where they need to Impress A Mayor, and now I’ve been singing Katherine Ryan’s song all day ? (That’s Peter Hudson, you know that you can trust him…)

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