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Now that we’ve finished “24 Hours in Police Custody” we needed another good British police/hospital reality show. We tried a few that didn’t hit the mark, and then tonight we tried “Ambulance” on the BBC iPlayer and it totally scratched the itch! Lovely caring English people helping and rescuing other lovely English people. We started with s07e01, because that’s the earliest episode that the iPlayer has, but here’s a link to s01e01 on DailyMotion that you should be able to view in the US:

This morning I got my smog check done, which I need in order to register the Honda so I can give it to Henry. It was remarkably easy. In Oregon they have big official smog check stations. No appointment — you just drive up into one of several lanes, a friendly person does the check, you pay $25 and drive away 5 minutes later. Easy-peasy.

My appointment to finish the whole process is at the end of April. Gettin’ things done.

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  1. Gillian

    I just wanted to say thank you for the British TV recommendations! It seems odd as a Brit living in the UK to be taking advice on TV programmes from someone on the west coast of the USA. But you alerted me that The Great Pottery Throwdown was back, and I love that show. And most recently you’ve got me watching Taskmaster. Both the clips on YouTube and the whole shows on All4. It’s hysterical, and I’d never even come across it before! Thank you.

  2. kara

    That IS funny!! Glad to be of service ? Please send me your recommendations, too! UK tv is sooooooo much better.

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