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Beautiful Spring day! Gentle sun, pleasant breeze. Right now I’m lying on my bed in the sunshine (we have a south-facing window above our heads) with the door to the back yard open. I smell freshly-mown grass and I hear what sounds like hundreds of birds singing and chirping away, and also Mom playing Bach over FaceTime for me. A brave squirrel has just grabbed a few mouthfuls of the suet-and-seed cake in my bird feeder, which hangs right in front of the door. She had to dangle by her toes to reach it and my presence made her very nervous.

Bugs are flying in through my open bedroom door. I don’t mind, but I’ll ask Dave if he can install a screen door before summer so we can sleep with the door open. I doubt he will approve of wildlife joining us in the night lol.

Earlier I went out to the back deck to pot my pea seedlings (and some that are either zucchini or sunflowers but I forgot to label them) and got ambushed by Talkin’ Jim. He and his wife are the previous owners of our house. We wanted a quick closing date so we said they could live on the property in their RV until Jim had time to clear out the enormous (six-car) workshop. They’re extremely nice people but oh my god do they TALK. So I disappeared into the house until Jim went off to do something else and THEN I planted my seedlings :D

The workshop is finally empty and Dave will be bringing a truckload of woodworking tools back from CA in a couple days, so very soon I hope to be able to enjoy my deck and yard without needing to talk to anyone.

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  1. Kathy

    Laughing with you about the talking nice people. (Although I am so happy that when we were together, we could both talk our heads off together!)

  2. kara

    We sure did! I can talk for hours with you, Ken, Henry, Dave, and all the Robinsons. Everyone else is exhausting.

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