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Home again. Let’s hope I can go more than a week without another ER visit. too tired and headachey to write much. It was same old same old — probably SVT (my suggestion and pulmonologist agreed) but the ER doc didn’t diagnose properly and made things worse. Beyond exhausted and seriously fed up with living inside a booby-trapped body.

Oh forgot to say last Wednesday at cardiologist they stuck a cool little heart monitor called a Zio Patch to my chest. It records my cardiac activity and I’m supposed to wear it for two weeks.

Can you guess where this story is going?

Remember my good ol’ adhesive allergy?

By the very same evening my skin was already burning. I put up with the pain (and good thing I did, because it will have recorded my entire cardiac episode on Thursday) and left it in place till I got home from hospital today. Three whole days. I could no longer tolerate the intense pain. Ripped it off. God. My skin looks like I’ve had a tragic chemical burn. It’s bright red and puffy and throbbing and burning.

Good times.

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  1. bigfan

    Glad you are better!

    I can understand the allergy can be painful

    unless the monitor need to be patched on the skin to work as opposed to just be in contact with it, here are some options to work around the allergy

    check this out

    maybe cut around the original adhesive area and replace it with allergy free alternatives

  2. kara

    Wow thanks!! I’ve ordered the compostable bamboo/mineral adhesive bandages. The skin barrier fluid looks like it might also be helpful. <3

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