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Woke up too early (Dave usually gets up before his alarm but it went off this morning and I nearly leapt out of bed. It‘s LOUD) and felt crappy but lazed in bed for a few hours and then felt good enough to do a little sewing! I finished the bodice of the March Dress. Sleeves tomorrow.

98.2 lbs this morning. Argh. Nibbled cannabis gummies until I had an appetite and managed to eat an entire serving of lasagna for dinner.

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  1. Kattie

    Hello, just wanted to say how much we love your readings for our Charlotte Mason curriculum! Everyone is so excited when we start a new book and find the recordings are done by your voice!

  2. kara

    That’s wonderful! Thanks for taking the time to tell me. It means so much to know that families are enjoying my recordings :)

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