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I had the world‘s worst laundry disaster today. It was so bad, just BEYOND bad, that I was standing in the bathroom/laundry room howling with laughter! Turns out I somehow got one of those padded brown envelopes mixed up with my washing, one of those with a layer of gray fluff between two layers of thick brown paper.

When I opened the machine to take out my laundry, all these odd brown flakes fell out. I looked deeper and OH MY. I’m actually laughing again just thinking about it! Imagine sending a kleenex through. Now multiply that level of lint by about a hundred.

I usually hang everything to dry (saves energy and keeps your clothes nice for much longer) but I had to do something about the lint so I ran the whole load through the dryer on “air dry”. Cleaned the filter and ran it again. And again. And again… it’s on the sixth time through and I’m still scraping a big wad of fluff out of the filter every time.

Here’s a pic of my floor before I swept it. Note the great wads of wet brown paper in the basket.

Don’t be like Kayray! Check your laundry every time. Lololol!

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  1. Claire

    Oh my! Equal parts hilarity and horror! Lol! Our family had two memorable laundry incidents in this vein… one involved a misplaced disposable diaper that ended up in the baby’s laundry (mini absorbent pellets EVERYWHERE). The other was the much too late discovery that the four-year-old had forgotten to empty his pockets of all of the frog friends he had found around the yard that day (reminiscent of Helen’s Babies??). Yes, the struggle is real… Always double-check laundry loads and pockets!!

    Our family has enjoyed listening to your narrations for the past 12 years and I’m sure that your voice, and the stories it has read, will be remembered fondly by my children when they look back on their childhoods and the many long car rides and rainy days that were made so much more bearable and lovely by a good audiobook.

    We’ve been sad to hear of your increasing health struggles and you have consistently been in our prayers; that you will be strengthened and encouraged, that your doctors will have wisdom and understanding in treatment, that joy will fill your days, and that the Lord will cover you and your loved ones with the protection of great peace.

    Blessings to you,

    Claire :-)

  2. kara

    Hi Claire, your post escaped my notice until just now! Oh dear, your frog episode is very Helen’s Babies :D Thank you for your well-wishes <3

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