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Dave goes through about a gallon of milk every week (for his tea) and he doesn’t like grocery store milk, so he’s been going all the way to Trader Joe’s every time he runs out. I decided there MUST be a milk delivery service in Portland, so I did a bit of googling and found several companies that deliver boxes of locally-grown organic fruit/veg, along with dairy and some other types of add-ons. I’ve been trying them all, and so far is the winner! We got our first delivery from them today, and it was a generous and well-assorted box of veggies and good organic local milk. Their website is easy to use, and you can give them a list of produce you don’t like — so we won’t end up with radishes anymore. They offer multiple sizes of veg boxes, fruit boxes, mixed boxes, and even “kits” like a salad kit (greens, tomatoes, cuke, peppers, carrots), stir fry kit, grill kit, etc. For our first order I got the one-person fruit/veg box (we don’t eat much), a salad kit, and Dave’s milk. We got SO MUCH produce! A cauliflower, three heads of lettuce, a bunch of purple carrots, a box of golden cherry tomatoes, several roma tomatoes, a small box of blueberries, half a pound of cherries, two zucchini, a bunch of bok choi, a couple apples, a couple oranges, and two big onions! Next week I’ll skip the salad kit. Maybe tomorrow I’ll make a lovely stir fry with the bok choi, onions, zucchini, and carrots!

Felt good this morning but kinda moldy now. Headache, nausea, general ick. Early bedtime for me.

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  1. Kathy

    That produce delivery service will be a big boon to you! When the kids were little I splurged on a milk delivery service. It was SO nice, and you could also get yogurt and eggs and butter, so it saved me from having to make a run to the store on fussy baby days.

  2. kara

    Yes it’s a wonderful service! I’ve gotten veg box deliveries from several different companies in the past. I enjoy the surprise, and the challenge of coming up with ways to use what I get!

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