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Short chapter tonight — Ryland figured out that Rocky “sees” with sound waves. Excellent.

We watched all three episodes of the new Woodstock ‘99 documentary on Netflix. Good lord. Just… wow. A literal and figurative shit show, and it just keeps getting worse and worse (the festival, not the documentary)

I still weigh 100lbs even, but I have noticed that cooking seems interesting and more types of food seem edible to me. For months it was pretty much green apples and goat cheese — a nutritious combo if it’s all you’re going to eat, but variety is better of course. Today I (get this) made chunky pasta sauce with onion, mushrooms, and zucchini and ate a little on some spaghetti!

Right now I’m gnawing a small block of cheddar for my bedtime snack.

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  1. Rachel

    I haven’t been to your blog in a long time and I’m delighted you’re keeping it current — and even more delighted that you are reading *Project Hail Mary* — we love that book! My husband and I just listened to it *again* — his second time and my third, though my first read was on paper — on a long road trip.

  2. kara

    It’s such a great book and I’m absolutely thrilled that Dave likes it as much as I do! The whole time I’ve been reading it, I’ve been wondering how an audiobook narrator would handle Rocky’s speech. It’s written as a simple melody but is described as chordal. Did they paste in recordings of various chords? Or does the narrator just hum a little “dum tee dum dee-dee diddle” like I do? And how, oh how, will they manage it in the inevitable movie?

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