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Donno if I mentioned it, but I think I traced some (but not all) of my recent frequent tachycardia episodes to the THC/CBD gummies I take to increase my appetite, so I’ve stopped taking them, and have therefore barely been eating. Again. Tonight I got hungry all of a sudden and it’s Pizza Bus night at the local coffee shop, so Dave zipped up there to pick up a couple of wonderful hot fresh pizzas and I ate two slices! And there are leftovers to last the whole weekend. Calories! Nutrition!

Super crazy fatigue all day. But the yarn arrived for Jayla and Henry’s Christmas presents so I sat on the sofa, listened to podcasts, and started working on Jayla’s legwarmers. Legwarmers, lol. She, born in 1998, thinks the 80s were cool *heart eyes* Got several inches of ribbing done already.

It stormed all day! Rain and howling wind! The power went out a couple of times but came back within minutes so I didn’t need to switch over to my emergency tanked oxygen. Our little house is so cozy and warm and lovely.

When I got my blood drawn yesterday I forgot to take the bandage off asap so now the skin in the crook of my elbow there is swollen, burning, and painful from the adhesive ARGH. I discovered that ice helps a lot. Good to know. I am FALLING to PIECES. Gahhhh.

Time for bed and P&P.

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  1. Henry

    I have heard that reducing THC/CDB intake can increase the vibrancy of dreams. I’m not sure if the dosage in yours is high enough to cause that, though I thought you’d find it interesting.

  2. kara

    Interesting! I had the same effect last time I was on liothyronine, but maybe it’s even worse now. My dreams are so LOUD, I feel like I’m not sleeping at all. Ugh!

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