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Last night was pretty rough. The coughing, for one thing, and for another I’m going through another recurrent patch of THC withdrawal, I think. Freaky horrible nightmares for three nights in a row, bedtime anxiety, and last night just insane night sweats. Like I’d gone swimming in my pajamas. So awful! But at least it’s not happening every night anymore.

Anyway, today is definitely a Tired Day plus a Sick Day, although this virus is progressing nicely and I’m already to the Productive Cough phase, thank goodness, at least most of the time. That should make tonight a little better.

Stayed in bed all day and worked on my crewel embroidery kit from last Christmas. Nearly done! If I don’t finish tonight I’ll finish tomorrow for sure.

Listened to the Taskmaster Podcast and an audiobook that was recommended by a Mastodon friend — Written in Bone: Hidden Stories in What We Leave Behind by Sue Black, narrated expertly by the author. It’s about forensic science and is fascinating!! I’ve finished the chapter about skulls and am on to faces. The author is telling about forensic facial reconstruction right now. First she gave an overview of the technique and now she’s illustrating the topic with a real-life example of a case in which facial reconstruction was used in a criminal investigation. She has a Scottish accent and a beautiful voice, too.

The cleaners came today YAY! I hid in the bedroom so it’s still dirty but the rest of the house is clean again, hooray. It took Dave two days to do the washing up from his big Roast Dinner but he got it done in time. Our cleaners don’t do the dishes, so if there’s a big pile the kitchen can’t be cleaned properly.

So tired. I wish I had something strongly-flavored to eat. Italian food would be perfect, but we have a fridge full of salad ingredients and leftover roast beef dinner. Ooo maybe I can make bone broth in the crockpot tomorrow.

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  1. Kathy

    You need Alex, who would clean everything and anything and do the dishes if needed. Alex was a saint. Hope I am remembering her name rightly.

  2. kara

    Alex was amazing!

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