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Update February 13 This post was incorrect. Removing Dave’s CPAP machine did NOT solve the problem of recurring false alarms from my Remunity pump. Further experimentation, however, did lead me to a solution: put a 100% freshly-charged battery into the pump every night before bed, or every 24 hours, if you’re not on a regular schedule like I am. (I put in a fresh cartridge every 48 hours) See this Post From The Future for more details:


Good morning! I think we’ve solved it. No pump alarms last night, and every clue adds up perfectly. We need a few more alarm-free nights to be sure, of course, but the relief is almost overwhelming. I’m not crazy, I’m not jinxed, I should be able to use my new medication pumps with minimal problems. I will be able to SLEEP.

I will reiterate everything in this post for those in future who might have the same problem.

I’m a Pulmonary Hypertension patient on Remodulin (Treprostinil) I’ve just switched over from the CADD-MS3 sub-q system to the Remunity sub-q system (made by United Theraputics).

I immediately had a problem with the pump and its remote waking me up at night, over and over, with a wide variety of false alarms. This happened only at night. The company shipped a new set of pumps: same problem. They shipped a new set of internal batteries: same problem.

The pump and its remote are sensitive to RF interference, so I tried disabling my Bluetooth devices at night (illogical, because if they were interfering at night they’d interfere in the daytime) and also my Apple Watch (same). Nothing helped. I spent every day for a whole week in tears from sleep deprivation and anxiety.

Finally in desperation I tried sleeping in the guest room. No alarms. Ok, so what was different about my bedroom? Henry, wonderful Henry, suggested Dave’s CPAP machine. I said nah, he hasn’t used it in months, but then Dave realized that his CPAP machine was still plugged in and phoning home to Kaiser at RANDOM TIMES OVERNIGHT using cellular, which is a very strong RF signal — stronger than Bluetooth and wifi.

He unplugged his machine and for good measure moved it to the opposite end of the house and I took a chance on sleeping in my own bed again.

No alarms last night. None. NO FALSE ALARMS.

So if you, too, are using the Remunity system and are experiencing false alarms, check for CPAP machines or other equipment that might be automatically phoning home during the time that you’re getting the alarms!

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