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Friday evening

Although the damn thing woke me up again last night, I’m not in despair. I feel like we’re on the right track. I think the RF from Dave’s CPAP was part of the problem for sure, because the situation has been much better since we eliminated that factor. Here are two possible explanations for last night’s alarm.

1) Another zap of rogue RF. Dave says it could be the telco running high-powered tests in the middle of the night, or a neighbor doing something weird, or a cop car cruising past with a high-powered radio, or something like that, that for some reason penetrates the bedroom but not the guest room.

2) The alarm I got was one that I imagine could, maybe, have been legitimately caused by my scar tissue. This seems very unlikely, because what’s special about 4am when the thing had been working fine for 36 hours already? But it’s not entirely impossible.

Or it could also be options one and two at the same time.

So I have some choices. I could sleep in the guest room again and see if I ever get an alarm in there. The drawback: for how long? Or, I could start another new infusion site far away from any scar tissue. The drawback: intense pain and poor data.

However! Dave has some RF-shielding fabric with which I could sew a little protective pouch. Putting the pump and remote in there would eliminate any RF interference for sure. If I got an alarm, I’d know it was either a legit alarm or faulty equipment. Dave can’t find his RF fabric today (his workshop needs to be seen to be believed) so I’m just gonna wrap everything in tinfoil tonight. Lol. Low-tech.

Took a bath this morning, nice and clean. Went to two grocery stores for a few special Kara things — my fancy high-fat cottage cheese, raw unsalted hazelnuts, green apples — and to restock the baking supplies. Jesus H Christ prices have risen since the last time I shopped (before Christmas). My cottage cheese is $7.50 per tub. I think it was $5.50 last time. Five pounds of the good King Arthur flour? $8. So I got Gold Medal at $5. Ghiradelli chocolate chips? $8 for an 11.5 oz bag. (Notice how they’re not 12 oz bags anymore? You don’t get the full 2 cups you used to) So I bought store brand for $4.50. Saw a lot of other stuff I might normally buy, juice, tortillas, but not at those prices, buddy. I don’t NEED juice and I can make tortillas.

I also bought a 5lb sack of black beans ($7.50! Seriously!) for Henry so they can make hearty nutritious soup in the week before payday and they won’t starve.

Cross your fingers for tonight’s tinfoil experiment. The best outcome is proof of RF interference. I’m 98% certain that’s what it is (if not legit alarms).

(P.s. I know it’s not tinfoil, it’s aluminum foil. But tinfoil is more fun to say and quicker to type.)

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    Oh no, you’re turning into Chuck McGill

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