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Oo typing “Thursday” reminded me that there’s a new episode of the Taskmaster podcast!

Last night was good! I slept straight through the night, no alarms, no insomnia, didn’t even wake up to pee until 6:45am. I guess I hadn’t realized how much Dave’s snoring and moaning had been waking me. So it’s the guest room for me for a while. I’m terribly thirsty tonight and absolutely chugging water so I’ll probably be up a few times in the night but maybe without all the snoring I’ll be able to get back to sleep more easily.

I spent half an hour on the phone with the CVS specialty pharmacy to reorder my Remodulin and supplies, it was kind of funny because it was my first time reordering Remunity supplies, and it was my rep’s first time filling a Remunity order, so we had to help each other along. :) Then I went to the doc for a chest echo, a cardiology appointment, and lab work. All good! Chest echo didn’t show any scary changes, and she agreed that my sudden terrible weakness and fatigue is almost certainly the result of being bedridden for a month. Taking my little walks is the right way to get some stamina back again. *whew* A relief.

When I got home Dave taught me to make his amazing fudge. Omg it’s good. He just has it written down in his notes but I found it online so I could share with you! No candy thermometer needed, just cook it to the soft ball stage.

And then I kinda crashed and did nothing all evening, but a well-earned nothing for sure.

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  1. tya

    I found a play where nothing much happens that you might enjoy

  2. kara

    Thanks, Tya :)

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