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Slept for twelve hours last night, yay! Feeling a little less fragile though still kind of out-of-it. Managed a bath and hairwash today, and a small load of laundry. Ate like a horse.

Seamed the sleeves of Henry’s cardigan! All that’s left is underarms, buttons, and blocking.

My order of vermicompost worms finally arrived! I was worried they wouldn’t survive the delivery delay caused by the Snowpocalypse but they seemed fine. Wiggly. They’re in their new home now, surrounded by delicious veggie scraps and covered with a nice layer of shredded cardboard. Ok worms, do your thing! I keep my container for collecting veggie scraps in the fridge now so it doesn’t get funky.

I cast on for my next knitting project this afternoon. I’m making a boxy cropped sleeveless v-neck pullover to wear over my favorite boxy high-waisted dress. I wore it just about every day last spring but didn’t have anything to layer over it on chilly days. My plan is to use the “Splash” cardigan pattern but converted to a pullover and increased to a much larger size, no waist-shaping, and stop after two 8-inch cable repeats. And I guess I’ll just stop knitting the sleeves when I get to the underarms. Not sure yet. It’s an experiment, and in bulky yarn so not a big deal if I need to rip it all out.

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  1. Hugh Baldwin

    Hi, I very much enjoyed your readings of the ‘Dark is Rising’ series and the ‘Apple Stone’ (so much better than audiobooks). If you have not already come across them, then I think you would probably like the books by Lucy Boston (The Children of Green Knowe series) and those by Philippa Pierce (Tom’s Midnight Garden, and Minnow on the Say, amongst others). You can find them on the Internet Archive. Hugh

  2. kara

    Thanks for the suggestions, Hugh! I’ll look into those books. I’ve not read any of them yet!

  3. Hugh Baldwin

    Also the children’s books by Alan Garner, such as ‘The Weirdstone of Brisingamen’ the ‘Moon of Gomrath’ and ‘Elidor’, or John Masefield’s ‘The Midnight Folk’ and ‘Box of Delights’. These are all on the Internet Archive, and there are radio drama adaptations there or on Youtube for some of these, if you prefer to just listen at the moment. I am sorry, I am a librarian – a compulsive book sharer! :)

  4. kara

    I’m a compulsive book-sharer too, and I forgot to say how thrilled I am that you enjoyed The Apple Stone. It’s one of the best books ever written, imho. It’s glorious.

  5. Hugh Baldwin

    You have a very warm and ‘comfortable’ reading voice, and the additional asides and small stumbles enhance rather than detract from this, so it is a great pleasure to listen to and has re-introduced me to some books that I haven’t read for a long time. I have now also listened to your reading of the Dylan Thomas book, and I am currently listening to ‘Half Magic’. I was very surprised to see that you included the ‘Apple Stone’, as very few people I know have even heard of this book, or its author. Where I used to work we had a special collection of these ‘old’ children’s books, and I used to borrow them (including the Apple Stone) for my eldest daughter :)

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