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Wednesday morning

Slept ok. Thank science for my Foley Catheter. It’s my best friend. Never need to get up to pee!

Yesterday they discovered a little pneumonia, so I’m on IV antibiotics for that. Good. It’s fixable. Also on IV iron for anaemia. Also a fixable problem. Other than that we watch and wait and wean down the oxygen. Not sure if my heart is in sinus rhythm or not. If not, maybe one more try at cardioversion tomorrow. Other than that we’re out of options. That’s ok though. They’ll let me go home anyway, once my o2 requirements are better, with Big Anti-Arrythmia Drugs, to spend some more quiet time with my family. :)

Had Ativan yesterday for antibiotic nausea and it knocked me flat! I still feel it. That’s the good stuff, damn. My nurse only gave me 1mg. Today we‘ll try .25mg lol.

Nearly every nurse says, “I have that eye mask! It’s the best!”

Also nearly every nurse, doc, and technician whom I see regularly tells me I have an amazing character/attitude. It’s so nice to hear. My respiratory therapist said “don’t ever change” :)

Still waiting for a Therapy Pet to show up. My nurse is going to check on that.

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  1. Beth

    So glad to hear from you, Kara. Happy to know things are going better! I hope they keep improving and you get home soon.

  2. Soozan

    May I please apply to be your therapy pet? I’ll purr and lie quietly.

  3. kara

    Soozan yes please be my Therapy Pet/Therapy Aunt! :)

  4. James

    We continue to pray for you in this season. i agree with them about your wonderful personality. our prayers are for healing and comfort

  5. Dan

    Thinking about you a lot. Rooting for you in my own way. I hope you get your therapy pet soon :)

  6. kara


  7. Peachy

    A new friend recommended your readings to me tonight and I was so excited to be able to say I already knew of you. I used to listen to you read while I was falling asleep in university. I was having truly terrible stress induced insomnia. I often tried to listen to others read on the apps but yours was the only voice that worked. Thank you so much for all of the recordings you have put out there over the years. I am sad to hear your health is not well right now so I hope this will help bring you some peace and light to know what a help you have been to me. Get well soon, Kara. ??

  8. kara

    I was so tickled to read those screenshots! Thank you so much, Peachy, it means the world to know I’m leaving a legacy of comfort :)

  9. Soozan

    You legacy of reading has touched and will continue to touch more souls than we will ever know. It’s the comfort reading, and also getting every nuance just right. Your deep understanding. I’ll be joining you on this wild ride of a journey in the blink of an eye – we all will. Your love for us and ours for you will vibrate forever.
    And all the family jokes and laughs! Chloe and Em and Henry and all the kiddos will pass them on. ?

  10. kara

    Henry will make sure his girls know who taught them how to kick :D

  11. Soozan

    Lol Kayray. And the girls will pass it on. Go Irene!

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