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Friday Morning

I am down to home levels of oxygen! My heart is in sinus rhythm! I’m sitting up in a chair! My legs are swollen bigly with fluid, so I’m looking at a few more days of IV diuretics, but I get to move to a normal room as soon as one opens up, YAY!

This is still, ya know, my final hospital visit, and it will be home hospice before too long. But my docs are thrilled by how I’ve bounced back. They can’t believe how tough I am. So maybe there’s a bit more time before hospice care.

Dave is in the ICU now too with fluid around his heart and I don’t know what else because he doesn’t have a phone charger. Different hospital, argh! We are QUITE A PAIR.

Thank you for all the messages of love. Yes, my time here is growing short but I’ve had YEARS more than anyone ever expected and they have been interesting years! Lol. I feel like the previous two years or so have been the best yet. Great mental health. Comfortable, quiet, calm life. Amazing stable loving relationship. And now I have a little extra precious time to spend with my loved ones (and reading, and crafting, and sitting in the sun, and listening to the rain).

A wonderful palliative care team stopped by yesterday to hear all about everything and find out how they could help. I asked if they could set me up with a home hospice who’d bring a therapy pet for visits. I wish so much for someone furry or feathered to spend time with. And I explained a tricky family dynamic, and they agreed with me that I don’t need to manage anyone else’s feelings! Not. My. Problem.

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  1. Amanda

    I wish you comfort and peace. You have made what I think is a very brave decision. I will have you forever reading Lord of the Rings.
    I hope Your darling englishman gets better soon.

  2. kara

    Thank you, Amanda <3

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