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Tuesday midday

I’m going HOME! My ride is scheduled for noon. Hospice is taking me home in an ambulance, which is nice as I’m quite weak and I won’t need to climb up our three front steps. Henry, Dave, Jayla, and the baby are waiting for me there. My wonderful nurse Evan and his student Brennan have just taken off all my monitors and removed all my IV ports. I’ll be home in an hour, probably!

I will have a BATH, the longest deepest bath ever. I will sit on my own sofa and drink from my own water bottle. I can do my embroidery. CLEAN FRESH CLOTHES. I can squeeze the baby and watch her run around naked in the yard on this hot day. Thinking of getting UberEats to bring us Japanese food for lunch in celebration — California rolls are light and cool and not too salty, and everyone else can enjoy ramen or teriyaki or whatever. I’ve gotta watch the salt, boo. I love salt. But I hate being full of fluid so it’s ok.

Is there anything better than going home to the people who love you? Sixteen days in the hospital. Man. But that’s it. Never again, never again.

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  1. Kathy

    Lots of love. It sounds like a wonderful day is ahead.

  2. Ken Shallenberg

    I hope you can feel the huge hug and boundless love coming all the way across the country to you, and the whole family

  3. kara

    I can, Ken. I can <3

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