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Here’s a little thing that’s on my mind. It’s not a great big deal, but I need to get it off my chest.

There are a few of you, a very VERY few, who are coming at me with religious stuff. Obviously, you are people who appreciate my audiobooks but don’t know me at all, because if you did you’d know that the last thing I need is to be told that I can be “saved” if I read some bit of an old book or watch a video. Saved from what? Lol. I know you mean well, I really do, but those comments will never be posted and the emails are swiftly deleted.

You don’t need to ask permission to pray for me. I won’t know or care if you do or you don’t, and positive thoughts never hurt anyone! Knock yourselves out :)

I don’t believe in any kind of afterlife, and that kind of thing just makes me feel all squirmy and icky. I’ve had a full, excellent life. Soon I will take the Long Dreamless Sleep and my molecules will go back into the universe to be recycled. People will remember me for a long time and then eventually they won’t.

Before that, I have plenty of time to visit with my dear ones and take pleasure in the life that remains for me. What could be a better way to end a life on Planet Earth?

If your religion gives you comfort, hooray! My lack of religion gives me comfort, hooray! Let’s all just mind our own business <3

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  1. Soozan

    Beautifully written

  2. kara

    Thank you, Susan. I don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings, but it also felt important to explain why some comments aren’t posted. <3

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