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December 5, 2011

I have finally updated my podcast feeds! Took a little hiatus, there. Rough summer.

Anyway, I’ve added “Stories of Great Composers for Children” to the “Kara’s Free Audiobooks” podcast:

Basic feed:
iTunes link: itpc://

Or if you can’t wait and want the whole audio book now:

And the “Kayray Reads to You” podcast is still working on “By The Great Horn Spoon”:

Basic feed:
iTunes link: itpc://

Or get the whole audio book and many others here:


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5 Responses to “December 5, 2011”

  1. andy

    Hi kayray do you still use Google plus?

  2. kara

    Yup, I check in every few days.

  3. andy

    Sent you a message on there

  4. kara

    Huh. Never got it. Do I know you?

  5. andy

    No I was just listening to the secret garden and thought I would put a face to the voice

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