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Best Game Ever, courtesy of Improv Everywhere

April 7th, 2008 — 7:04pm

Have you heard of the group called Improv Everywhere? They do surprising and creative performances in public places. You might have heard about the recent one where their “agents” stood as if frozen for five minutes in Grand Central Station, or the one where they staged an elaborate musical number at a mall food court. Their most recent performance takes the cake, though. They worked with a Little League commissioner to turn a Little League game into a Big League game! “He was the only person involved with the league who knew what was going to happen. The players, coaches, and parents were kept completely in the dark.”

IE brought in dozens of enthusiastic “fans” to fill the stands, provided programs, snack vendors, and animal-costumed mascots. NBC provided a Jumbotron, a famous sportscaster to do the play-by-play over the loudspeaker, and the GOODYEAR BLIMP!

Watch the video, read the story. The kids and parents are obviously having the best day of their whole lives. Reading the story literally brought happy tears to my eyes. How wonderful to put so much creative energy and manpower into a stunt that made EVERYONE happy!

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Wave upon wave of demented avengers…

April 7th, 2008 — 7:03pm

Henry’s dear friend Fargo has a week of vacation, so we drove the 3-hour round trip to pick him up. (A good friend like Fargo is worth the long drive!) I let Henry be in charge of the music, and he picked Animals (Pink Floyd). He says that’s his favorite album right now. Cool kid, you say? Why yes, he is :)

So, yeah, I’m pretty tired right now! I’ve done about 20 (out of 84) repeats of the edging for the stole — coming along nicely.

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Twitter Updates for 2008-04-06

April 6th, 2008 — 11:59pm
  • (Elizabeth won) #
  • @gilrain we watched it today :) Don’t worry, no fracking spoilers will cross my lips! #
  • did one repeat of the edging of The Stole last night #
  • new knitpicks catalog, yay! #
  • watching . Very good, very interesting! #
  • knitting the edging and watching Kenneth Clarke’s "Civilisation" — Florentine Renaissance episode #
  • thanks, hugh — here’s mine #
  • @tweetstats — neat-o! #

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Twitter Updates for 2008-04-05

April 5th, 2008 — 11:59pm
  • @apelad sounds ghastly. #
  • @diversionmary ooooooo hotness! #
  • attempting trader joe’s again. trying PB branch. maybe THIS TIME there’ll be somewhere to park #
  • Hooray, great success at Pacific Beach Trader Joe’s! Ample parking, big store, not too crowded on a Sat. morning, YAY! #
  • @ChrisHughes this looks like something your lad might like! #
  • i doubt if those’ll ever be sold in the US — lawsuit waiting to happen :( #
  • whoa. burda offers free printable dressmaking patterns! #
  • @ChrisHughes yeah they need a grown-up version! #
  • fantastic story about Bette Davis: #
  • (She was born 100 years ago this week) #

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Twitter Updates for 2008-04-04

April 4th, 2008 — 8:35am
  • great. cat barfed again on carpet. near the OPEN DOOR. And _then_ she went outside. anyone want a cat? #
  • throat feels funny again #
  • @sassenach everyone needs laceweight! #
  • only 5 more reps on the Print o’ the Wave stole and I get to move on to picking up a billion stitches around the perimeter! #
  • @aspenglow like winnie-the-pooh! Grab a honey-pot! #
  • East Coast people — are you watching BATTLESTAR??? #
  • @gstuckey oh, I assumed 9pm EST! Enjoy — and NO SPOILERS! :) #
  • @gstuckey yeah several pictures of the Stole on down a post or two) or user "kayray" on ravelry #
  • @drewbeatty lol at the cross sci-fi reference :) agreed!! NO SPOILERS, PEOPLE! #
  • watching The Office, s4ep3; Dwight and DunMiff/sys compete to sell more paper. Bear Horn. "Lunch Party". Tight purple shirt. #
  • @aspenglow hahaha! Unrelated, but my iPod is named Deb, from Napoleon Dynamite (gives you an idea how old my iPod is ;-) #
  • hungry #
  • wikipedia says NBC ordered a 5th season (28 eps) of The Office! #

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Henry VIII

April 2nd, 2008 — 8:21pm

Felt better today, not so tired and my throat not so funny. Henry had an hour-long private Kung Fu lesson today, and group class this evening. He loves Kung Fu so much!

The Introverted Knitters are thinking of listening to an audiobook at our meetings, though we have yet to work out the details. Please join us, all you introverted knitters/crocheters/spinners/crafters!

We went to the library yesterday and I got a biography of Henry VIII for young adults. It’s only about half an inch thick, and I read the entire thing in one afternoon. I know I didn’t learn everything there is to know about Henry VIII, but I know a whole lot more than I used to. I know who his father was, why Henry VIII was so extremely obsessed with having an heir, and the names/fates of all his wives. Also the whole Church of England thing. We’ve got Episode 1 of Season 2 of The Tudors waiting for us to watch it when we have time; looking forward to that! I will be surprised if they continue the series for very many more seasons, though. Henry VIII will become extremely unpleasant pretty soon, and I think it might be hard for Television to have such an unsympathetic and unappealing main character… He makes Tony Soprano look like Santa Claus.

Also reading The Hidden Family by Charles Stross. Some bits of it are kind of dull (clan wars, assassins, whatever), but I really love Steampunk Land :)

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Happy April

April 1st, 2008 — 2:11pm

Happy April. I’ve not been feeling very well for the past few days… nothing special, just kind of under the weather. My throat is a bit scratchy but not really sore, and I have a bit of a cough. And I’m tired, so tired, even though I’ve been getting plenty of sleep.

Dan and I went walking in Balboa Park on Saturday morning, which was very nice. We walked down into Palm Canyon, past the majestic Moreton Bay Figs that grow there. What a root system!


I’ve been knitting a lot on the Print o’ the Wave stole, and have just about memorized the lace pattern, although this morning I noticed that I had gotten a little bit off (one of the zigs had continued too far before zagging) and had to pull out a few rows. Nothing tragic though.


Also started some more Happy Striped Socks for Henry:


To quote the Hodg-man, “That is all.”

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